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What a Remarkable Month!

Well, September 2011 has truly been a remarkable month.  Not only was there the launch of my 3rd book, Bring Poetry to Freedom, 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11 and the big celebration as a contributing author of the book Speaking Your Truth Volume 2, the 6th Annual CampExperience took place this past weekend in beautiful Copper Mountain, Colorado.  This event is the most powerful thing I do for myself each year, and it continues to be miraculous and life changing for me and so many other women who come together for 2 1/2 days to renew, recharge, relax, refresh, recognize, and respond.  This year’s event raised over $30,000 for our Charity Partners.  All this while 240 women had beautiful weather, world renown speakers, adventures (i.e. biking, fly fishing, hiking), personal services (i.e. massage), arts and crafts and lots of learning, connecting and fun!  I made some new amazing friends that I know will be in my life forever.  It was magical and extraordinary. I continue to get wonderful comments about my books and feel so blessed to be able to continue my path of creating poetry.  At CampExperience I met some extraordinary young women who are singers/songwriters/guitar players, the Songbirds, and I’m now inspired to turn some of my poems into songs. I was thrilled to have been one of three women to have something they wrote be put to music by one of the Songbirds.  Gabrielle Louise took a poem I submitted, Voices of Humanity, and turned it into a song. It was so beautiful. On top of all that I was honored by receiving one of the Women Who Rock awards.  What a surprise!  It pretty much blew my mind.  The entire weekend was enchanting and the month of September has been filled with so much love, joy, and fullfillment.  Below is my version of Voices of Humanity before Gabrielle Louise turned it into a remarkable song.
Until next time, enjoy every moment and every person in your life!
Voices of Humanity

One voice in silence
In sorrow or ease
One voice softly speaking
Brings happiness and peace
Two voices sharing
Special feelings express
Sense of true caring
We’ll never forget
Voices in concert
Create wonderful things
Bring forth such beauty
Collectively they sing
Voices in unison
Believe in the power
Making things happen
Produces the perfect hour
Many voices together
Powerful messages resound
Voices of humanity
Change the world and astounds
February 12, 2011
© 2011 Carol Calkins, PhD
All Rights Reserved
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