Transition Time

Each year in the fall I attend a women’s retreat called CampExperience.  This is my 6th year and each year great and wonderful things happen for me.  It has truly been life changing and I have met some of my best friends in the world as a result of CampE as we lovingly call it.  Well, I have been a sponsor for the past 5 years with the emphasis being on my health and wellness business Xpress Health.  Although I still have customers and work with them routinely, I am transitioning to my other business, which I have an even greater passion for: Carol Calkins, PhD – Author-Speaker-Poet.  I’m thrilled about this transition because at this time in my life, this really feels like who I am.  I will be doing a workshop at CampE that is for those who want to experience writing their own poetry.  CampE is almost sold out already and this is the earliest we’ve ever had so few spots open.  It has become more and more popular each year and truly amazing women attend and thoroughly enjoy this two and a half day adventure.

I continue to be working on the following books of poetry – the 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11, the poetry book for children, and Bring Poetry to Spirit.  My goal is to have all 3 published by the end of 2011 or early 2012.  The 10th Anniversary Tribute has taken center stage since that is the only one that has a true deadline; since it needs to be completed by September 11, 2011.  It’s definitely progressing well and I need to start focusing more on getting some photographs to include in the book.  I will diligently begin that effort today by contacting a few people who may be able to help me.  I’m excited about being able to participate in this process.

On a personal note, it has been glorious having my daughter and granddaughter back in the USA.  Watching your daughter as a mother is extraordinary and my daughter, whose birthday is today, is an extraordinary mother and person.  I’m truly blessed.  My granddaughter is so much fun and such a good and happy baby, not to mention so beautiful.  What an awesome experience lies ahead.  My son-in-law returns to the USA today and I’m thrilled they will be all together today to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

Finally, I head out in a few weeks to celebrate my Aunt’s 90th Birthday.  Wow, 90 years of touching the hearts of others and making them smile.  Because that’s just how she is. I can’t wait to see many of my relatives who I haven’t seen in years.  My sister from Northern California will meet me there and I expect it will be a fabulous time.

Until next time, have a Glorious Time!

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