Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Actually, time flies regardless.  It seems like the past few months have been filled with many losses for people around me.  The loss of mothers has hit really hard.  A friend lost there very young grandson; only 4 months old.  Another a 30 year old son.  I think it’s time to have less loss and more joy as we approach Halloween and then the Holiday Season. Next week I’m going to my granddaughter’s music class and the kids will all be in costume.  Can’t wait; it should be absolutely fantastic, not to mention adorable.
My 4th book is being edited and will be launched just before Christmas.  It’s called Bring Poetry to Spirit.  Many of the poems were actually written prior to my last book, which was a tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9-11. The poems in “…Spirit” speak to a deeper part of each of us.  I feel blessed everytime I reread one of the poems.  When something creative flows in your life it is a miraculous gift to be cherished and cultivated. This makes me realize that I know so many people who have put their gifts temporarily on the shelf until they have more time.  Or some say, I’ll get back to it when I retire.  Even though my gift came late in life, at 60, all I can say, is if you have a gift, enjoy it, play it, draw it, write it, sing it, make it and never get too far away from it.  Because these gifts bring the greatest happiness to you and those around you.  Yes, time flies so don’t let it pass you by and wake up one day unable to experience your gift or find it’s too late to do it.  Although from my perspective, it’s never too late to begin something new or pick up on something that has been sitting dormant for awhile.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is let all your miraculous gifts shine through.  Experience them, enjoy them, share them.  What a blessing they are to you, your loved ones, and the world.
Where ever  you are right now in your life, no matter how difficult things might seem, take a moment and be grateful for what you have and the life you are living.  There are always those who are facing challenges far greater than each of us.  To rise above and embrace the beauty of your spirit and essence is the greatest joy in the world.  The poem below is a reminder of the Oneness we are all a part of.
Spirit of Oneness

Spirit of Oneness
Universal Power
Brings us together
Special beings unite
Hearts shining bright
Convey brilliant lights
Accepting and caring
In service and sharing
Discover every moment
Each blessed soul
Open your essence
Give the world hope
Community so radiant
Connected in faith
Helping each other
To find a sense of peace
Realize the magnificence
Living in the splendor
Spirit of the Oneness
Our glorious existence
Bring Poetry to Spirit
October 16, 2011
© 2011 Carol Calkins, PhD
All Rights Reserved
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