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Spring is in the Air

The last few months have passed by quickly and much of my time has been spent either working at my job at the university or with family.  My granddaughter is growing and learning at such a rapid pace; it is truly amazing.  I’ve been compiling poems for my next book Bring Poetry to Heart, which I plan to launch in May.  The focus of the book is on emotions and how they convey deep and intense feelings that individuals experience throughout their lives.  It includes three sections: Love, Loss, and Life, which speaks to transitions and changes we all experience at one time or another.  I’m definitely looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

I’m also writing more and more poems about nature and feel that book will be ready to launch later in 2012.  Below is a poem for your enjoyment.

Have a glorious Spring and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air
Flowers blossoming everywhere
Colors on display
Magnificent array

New creations all around
Nature flourishes and abounds
Gaze at the beauty of the sky
Touch and feel growth of life

Awaken to exquisite sights
Vibrant visions do delight
Energize each special being
Knowledge of a brand new season

Longing for warmer days
More time to go outside and play
Excitement to finally be here
Enjoy and be without a care

Spring is in the Air
Surrounded by splendor everywhere
Happy to be alive
Watching nature grow and thrive

May 8, 2011
© 2011 Carol Calkins, PhD
All Rights Reserved

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