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South Africa was Amazing!

We just returned from South Africa and it was fabulous. Highlights included seeing our daughter, son-in-law and meeting our new granddaughter. She is bright, beautiful, and so much fun. South Africa is amazing and there was so much to see as we traveled from Joburg to Cape Town and then along the Garden Route. It is awesome to one day walk on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean on the south edge of South Africa and the next day still be in South Africa and on the Indian Ocean. The people we met throughout our travels were wonderful, so kind and generous. We saw so much wild life at the Game Park including elephants, giraffe, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, etc. Then we had a somewhat rare and special encounter. We saw a leopard sitting on a rock on the side of a hill. We watched for about an hour. As we were watching something came out of the brush; it was a leopard cub that began interacting with its mother. About 15 minutes later another cub appeared and the three of them began to play. Even our Ranger who was guiding us on the drive was awestruck by it all. Apparently, this is not an everyday occurrence and she later shared it with the other Rangers who were quite envious.

While I was in South Africa, poetry continued to flow. Below is a poem I wrote inspired by a walk on the beach – Sand was Blue.
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Sand was Blue

Came upon a glistening light
Moved a little closer
Found a beach at earth’s end
Sand was blue and bright

Gazed awhile amazing scene
Fixed on many grains of sands
Mosaic of past and present
Sensed eternal sea and land

Touched by power of the ocean
As the waves roll in and out
With each contact change the shore
Creates beauty to explore

Quite remarkable on the shoreline
At the far edge of the world
Fills the heart feel the awe
Magnificence truly so sublime

Came upon a glistening light
Mesmerized by the view
Focused on hypnotic sight
Sand was Blue a pure delight

Bring Poetry to Nature
March 15, 2011
© 2011 Carol Calkins, PhD
All Rights Reserved

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