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Here’s to a Wonderful 2012

The month of December was filled with contrast.  It was exciting that my 4th book Bring Poetry to Spirit was launched and I received great feedback on it.  At the same time, the first few weeks of the month I was physically under the weather, which made everything I did a huge effort.  The good news is that I was well by Christmas and New Year’s and was able to have a fabulous time celebrating with my family including on New Year’s Eve celebrating my granddaughter’s 1st Birthday.  She is truly amazing and one of the great gifts in my life.

Well, I’ve been asked by several people what my New Year’s Resolution or Goals are for 2012.  The first is clear to me after having nearly 3 weeks of being under the weather in December, my focus for 2012 and into the future is on Health and being as conscientious about doing all the things I need to do for my physical health as well as all the key aspects of my overall health (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical).  I will continue my daily meditation, which is such an integral part of my life.   Second, I have had several readers of my poetry say you need to spread the word; more people need to see your wonderful poetry.  So in 2012, I will be making more contacts and develop additional strategies to get my poetry in front of a larger population of people.  As one friend said, you need to get your poetry out to the world.  A huge goal, but why dream small when Dreaming Big can make a massive positive impact on so many more people.  I’m ready to do more speaking and take my workshop 5 Hearts to Writing Poetry on the road as one way to get the word out. Third, I serenditiously had a keyboard come into my life and have always wanted to write music.  I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to turn some of my poems into songs.  So I plan to refresh my skills (I played piano when I was younger).  It’s time to begin my journey of writing music and lyrics (using my poetry as the basis of the lyrics).  Finally, my family and friends will continue to be high on my priority list.  They give me such fantastic joy every day of my life.  I am truly blessed.

So to all of you here’s to a Wonderful 2012 and I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas to make our lives and this world a better place.

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