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Bring Poetry to Spirit is in the final stages of editing and I’m targeting a Launch Day of Monday. December 12, 2011. When I began my journey of writing poetry nearly 2 years ago, I would have an occasional poem come through, which was more spiritual in nature. Periodically, there would be waves of poems that felt more spiritually based.  Each time this occurred, I’d put them into a special notebook.  The result became my soon to be published 4th book, Bring Poetry to Spirit. When I put the book together and re-read all the poems to determine the section titles, I found myself feeling amazed by what I read.  I’ve always known there was a deep connection between everyone and everything in the universe, and found these poems were my way to express the true sense of that spiritual essence, the oneness we are all a part of.  The book examines various circumstances: what keeps us going even during the most emotionally painful of times; what happens when we have a glimpse of something new and different that may enhance our lives and the lives of those around us; what occurs when we take action that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities; and how in the quiet and core of our being, moments of complete peace and knowingness can manifest.  In looking at these aspects, the four major sections of the book evolved: Struggle, Insight, Awakening, and Enlightenment.   Interestingly, this book also ties some of my family past and present together in an interesting way.  The book is dedicated to my daughter who is the brightest and most beautiful soul I know and the best daughter, wife, mother and friend anyone could ever have.  Some of her photographs from when she traveled abroad are included in the book and capture the essence of people throughout the world.  The cover art was created by my ex-husband and definitely conveys the spirituality and oneness that Bring Poetry to Spirit is intended to capture.  My hope is that when you get an opportunity to read my 4th book, you will take the time to let me know if any of the poems had a special meaning for you.  Until next time, enjoy life!


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