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Bring Poetry to Freedom – 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11

Well, what have I been doing all month?  Spent time with family both in town and out of town.  I’ve been busy at work and this past weekend I finished the first full draft of my new book, Bring Poetry to Freedom – 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11, which will be launched on Thursday, September 1, 2011 and available on Amazon.com.  This work of poetry is by far my best and conveys all the emotions and pain that so many people experienced.  It also refocuses  our attention on rebuilding and renewal of life.  There are  individuals who continue to suffer as a result of the tragedy that had befallen on this country and the world.  The poems in the last two sections of the book are intended to help with the process of uplifting the minds and hearts of those who were so profoundly affected by the events of September 11, 2001.  My hope is that by reading Bring Poetry to Freedom that it will give hope and help to heal those who were physically and/or emotionally harmed.

This past week was filled with another tragedy.  The killing of so many innocent young people in Norway.  I wrote a poem to honor these loving beings who are no longer with us as well as the survivors who experienced such a horrible trauma.  So many people are praying for those who were so profoundly impacted by these events.  Every day hoping for a more sane world filled with joy and peace.  Senseless acts such as this need to become a thing of the past as we move forward into a better world.

Sadness Overflows

Sadness Overflows
Innocence lost forever
What could have been
We’ll never know

A deranged mind
Took senseless action
Against aspiring beings
With open, loving hearts

Join together grow and thrive
Learning life’s lessons
Meeting friends in delight
Unfortunately many did not survive

Pierces through to the depth
Of all that’s valued
Experiencing a tragedy
Of this magnitude

Think of each person
Memories of their beauty
Cherish every moment
Sadness forever flows

July 28, 2011
Bring Poetry to Goodbye
© 2011 Carol Calkins, PhD
All Rights Reserved

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