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Bring Poetry to Life is….

The powerful compilation in Bring Poetry to Life will heal and uplift your spirit and bring hope, love and a sense of peace to your life. Read one, and you’ll keep turning the pages for more. Carol Calkins’ work portrays a beautiful insight into the moments of our lives from new beginnings, to heartfelt goodbyes. She has the uncanny ability to turn special memories into extraordinary poetry that will deeply touch your heart and soul.

Praise for Bring Poetry to Life

“Your poetry touches my heart and soul!” ~ Cindy Cleveland

“The poems in Bring Poetry to Life consist of the most beautiful combination of synergistic language to inspire your life and touch your heart.  Read one and you’ll be begging for more.” ~ Andrea Costantine, co-author of Speaking Your Truth & How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year

“Calming and soothing, bright and fun, Carol’s poems capture the mature heart and the essence of living.  The Poet’s circle grew when Carol put pen to paper recently.” ~Barbara Bloodgood, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

“Be sure to read Bring Poetry To Life with a box of tissues. The beautiful poetry of Carol Calkins will make you laugh, ponder and cry – all things that I need to do more of. I hope you put this book on the top of your reading list.” Angel Tuccy~ Best selling author of Lists That Saved My Life and Lists That Saved My Business

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Carol Calkins PhD, Bring Poetry to Life represents Carol’s enlightening discovery that poetry exists all around us in a look, a smile, a tear and a thought.  She began creating personally inspired poems for those around her. Carol finally found that her gift to the world is poetry. Professionally, she has dedicated over 30 years towards her management career in the healthcare and higher education professions