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Bring Poetry into Your Life…

This a soul-inspired compilation that will heal and uplift your spirit. These poems delve deep into your being – bringing a sense of hope, love, and peace into your life. Read one, and you’ll keep turning the pages for more. Carol Calkins work portrays insight into the challenges of life, a search for self, and uncovering your special gifts, while unveiling truth that will move you into a place of discovery.  Her uncanny ability to turn every day experiences into extraordinary poetry will deeply touch your heart and soul.

Praise for Bring Poetry Into Your Life

“Poetry touches our lives in a way that no other medium can. Bring Poetry into Your Life is a beautiful collection that reminds us that life is a poem.” – Angel Tuccy, Author of Lists That Saved My Life.

“Carol Calkins has gracefully found her way through life’s challenges by pouring her heart onto the page.  Thoughts and feelings to which we can all relate, her poems are like meditations on life.  Be prepared to be inspired and comforted.” – Deborah Sandella is an award-winning author of Releasing the Inner Magician

“Again Carol Calkins brings forth heartfelt emotions and captures them in her amazing poetry.  What a gift to the world and a great gift to share with your favorite family and friends.” – Betsy Wiersma, World Renown Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of CampExperience™

“Carol’s poetry has the ultimate simplicity, yet her message is poignant and provides something to which we can all relate.” – Ann Brown, Co-Owner of New Vista Image

Carol Calkins, PhD, Bring Poetry into Your Life represents a continuation of Carol’s enlightening discovery that poetry exists all around us – in a look, a smile, a tear, and a thought.  Professionally, she has dedicated over 30 years towards her management career in the healthcare and higher education professions.  Today, Carol has found that her gift to the world is poetry, and is now creating personally inspired poems for those around her.

Bring Poetry into Your Life is now available on Amazon.