Bring Poetry to Life was my first book, released in October 2010. The poems that began flowing through me at the the beginning of 2010 still continue at an amazing rate.

The poems in my first book are broken down into three segments, Beginnings, Special People Special Moments, and Endings. I’m so very thrilled to share my poetry with the world. My hope is that Bring Poetry to Life revives a love for poetry that is often lost in the busy everyday world.

I am beyond excited about sharing my poetry, writing personally inspired poems, and moving on to a new phase in my life. Both as a poet and as a grandparent.

My poems are inspired by life’s situations from births, babies, love, family, friendship, and more.




My second book Bring Poetry into Your Life was released in April 2011. The poems in this book are a soul-inspired compilation that will heal and uplift your spirit. The poems are broken down into Challenges of Life, Search for Self, Special Gifts, and Discovery.

An additional volume will be forthcoming, along with a children’s book of poetry in 2011 and 2012.

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My third book Bring Poetry to Freedom: A 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11 was released in September 2011. Bring Poetry to Freedom provides readers with an emotional tour of poems that convey stories and feelings following 9-11 and the new beginnings of life that leave us with hope and healing.







My fourth book Bring Poetry to Spirit was released in December 2011. The work in this book examines and portrays various circumstances: what keeps us going even during the most emotionally painful of times; what happens when we have a glimpse of something new and different that may enhance our lives and the lives of those around us; what occurs when we take action that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities; and how in the quiet and core of our being moments of complete peace and knowingness can manifest.





My fifth book Bring Poetry to Heart will be released in June 2012.  The poems in this book captures the essence of emotions conveying deep and intense feelings that individuals experience at various times. They examine and portray different situations and circumstances that bring great joy as well as those that cause pain and sadness. They share the real meaning of love and the endearing bond of wonderful relationships, the tragedy and sorrow of the loss of a loved one, and the transitions and significant changes that each of us experience throughout our lives. Her uncanny ability to look deep into the core of life’s experiences and transform them into extraordinary poetry will deeply touch your heart, your soul, and your spirit.



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