Amazing Few Weeks!

It  has truly been an amazing few weeks.  I’ve been working with Andrea Costantine to finalize the book.  Working with Melissa Levad to finalize the cover.  And I’m happy to say we are very close to having Bring Poetry to Freedom, 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11 nearly complete.  So September 1, 2011 is a definite launch date for the book. I was truly blessed when I spoke with Sandy Dahl, the wife of Captain Jason Dahl the Pilot of United Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania, and she asked how she could help.  I sent her the draft of the book and she wrote the most wonderful endorsement that touched my heart and indicated to me that I had accomplished what I set out to do with this book.

Another wonderful thing took place.  I am now a contributing author to a best-selling book, Speaking Your Truth, Volume 2. This was especially rewarding because the chapter I wrote was entitled “Finding My Gift”, which I found after 60 years of searching for it – Poetry.  So I guess I’m able to write prose too and be successful. There will be a book launch party in Denver on September 13th and not only will I be there as a contributing author of the book, but I’ll have copies of my books including Bring Poetry to Freedom available for purchase.

I’ve been so busy working and finishing Bring Poetry to Freedom that I forgot to mention that I spent most of yesterday watching over my wonderful granddaughter Alexxa.  She is a blessing in all of our lives and at 7 1/2 months every day there’s something new that she does.  This is a special time while my daughter and son-in-law get settled in and are staying with us for awhile.  My husband, Mike and I are having so much fun with are sweet granddaughter.

Finally, I’ve been wanting an electronic keyboard for a year or more, but kept putting it off due to other priorities.  When this week I picked my granddaughter up at the house of a friend of my daughter’s where they were gathering items, mostly for babies and children, for a big sale the next day at Arapahoe County Fair Grounds.  Well, as I was walking to find my daughter and granddaughter, a woman was carrying a keyboard to her car to transport to the fair grounds.  I found out it belonged to the husband of one of women there helping and that it have not been used much at all.  So at a great discount, I finally got my keyboard.  Had I arrived a little later or a little earlier I probably wouldn’t have seen the keyboard at all.  I found all my music books today and I’m extremely excited about getting started.  I still need a stand for the keyboard, but anticipate that I’ll find one in the next few weeks.

My workshop is almost finished and has been temporarily on the back burner while I promote and get the word out about Bring Poetry to Freedom, 10th Anniversary Tribute to 9-11. Can’t wait until it’s available and I can share it with all of you.

Blessings until next time!



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